Lawrence Feir

. Artist . Sculptor . 

Artist Statement    


My artwork conveys the way I see the world. My sculpture process has evolved over the years and it is my hope to convey these forms to the viewer in a thought-provoking manner.

I think that art should be meaningful and stir emotion in the hearts and minds of the people of view it.

I believe that real inspiration comes from the creative process itself. The more I work, the more ideas I get. The best ones come in an instant, usually while I’m doing some of the most mundane of tasks. Some of my best ideas occurred to me as I was stepping into the shower or waiting at a stop light.   I like to look for things which - when juxtaposed - create a new meaning that is more than just a sum of the two parts. It's always exciting to find this accidently happening without my interference of deliberate thought.  I’ve never been able to just “buckle down and make some art”.

I hope that my work inspires other people, and maybe makes this world a little better place to live.